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The Difference Between Magento And WordPress

Magento and WordPress are two very powerful CMS in the marketplace which are extensively used for the purpose of web development. However, besides being open source CMS which is highly customizable and SEO friendly, both these platforms hardly have any similarity. They are just two very different sides of a coin and the major difference between them lies in the purpose of their usage. Though both the platforms are used for website building, the websites that can be built over these platforms are very different and that difference makes it imperative to choose between the two, so that you have your website over a platform that is perfect for you.

  • WordPress

You will not come across a CMS that you could find to be better than WordPress when it comes to content management. From a simple blogging website to huge corporate websites, custom WordPress development is just perfect for it all. It has vast features and functionalities that support all your needs. You can easily customize your website for plugins, themes, and designs. Also, it has an extremely user-friendly interface which makes it easy to use and delivers excellent user experiences.

  • Magento

This is a CMS that is completely dedicated to the e-commerce industry and has extensive functionalities, features, and plugins, that make it the best platform for providing e-commerce web development services. It is highly customizable, and the users can design their own unique themes, templates, designs, and plugins that give a different appeal to their website. The platform is ideal for the businesses which have a wide range of products to sell online.

So, that is where the difference lies. While WordPress can create any kind of website, Magento is a platform fully dedicated to e-commerce. Even WordPress can offer to integrate an e-store within the website with plugins such as WooCommerce, but the functionalities of that are very basic and limited when compared with Magento. All in all, it can be said, both the platforms are poles apart, but still the best in what they particularly offer.

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